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Mothers Against Violence Charity (MAV)

Since August 1999 Mothers Against Violence (MAV) have supported the inner-city communities of Greater Manchester. MAV was birthed at a time when gun violence was at its worst in the inner-city community of Manchester. Three young black males were murdered in the space of eight days in one community. The mothers of that community took a stand and came out fighting not with guns but with words of Hope. It is with this same hope that Mothers Against Violence now serves the community providing mentoring support, educational awareness of gun and knife crime, counselling, workshops, and outreach work which includes campaigning for positive change in our community.


  • To promote the eradication of violence and to relieve the victims of the effects of violence within the community.

  • To advance the education of the public concerning issues of violence and its impact upon those affected by it.

  • To work with and assist young people, men, and women, to find meaningful training, employment, or work experience.

  • To work in partnership with other relevant voluntary/community groups or charitable institutions having similar objectives to MAV.

  • To give support to anybody in the community who suffers any type of violence.

  • To encourage the support of fathers in attaining MAV’s aims and objectives.

  • To provide a counselling service.

  • To influence change in social policies/legislation.

  • To promote the development of an educational system that enhances individual development and creativity.

  • To campaign for greater co-ordination in responses of the emergency services to gun and knife crime.

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The name of the charity shall be MOTHERS AGAINST VIOLENCE (hereinafter called MAV)


The objects of MAV shall be:

To relieve poverty, disaffection, disengagement, and distress within our communities, particularly among young people.

To work towards the eradication of violence in our communities and to relieve victims of the effects of violence and substance misuse within the community, through education, counselling, advice, information, support, partnership working, campaigning and other means.


In furtherance of the said objectives but not further or otherwise MAV shall have the following powers:

a. To raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect, and receive contributions from any other person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation, grant, legacy and otherwise; if MAV shall not undertake permanent trading activities in raising funds for the said objectives.

b. To employ on such terms and conditions of employment as MAV shall determine any paid or voluntary worker or workers to assist in the attainment of the said objectives and make all necessary provision for the payment of pensions and superannuation for staff.


Regarding Volunteering

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Mothers Against Violence Volunteer. Please complete the application form attached below. The application form can be copied and paste to a word document then typed up. It can also be printed and filled in by hand. If you would prefer, we are happy to receive your CV with any additional information requested from our team added to your CV.

On receipt of your completed application successful applicants will be invited to an interview with the Coordinators of the project. The date for this interview will be arranged at a time that suitable for you and the members of the team.

If you have any problems with the application, please contact the team. For our contact details please click on the MAV Logo on this page.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Kind regards.

 Human Resources

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