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Providing Vital Services in Local Communities



Join our TDTU Yoga Classes with Peter Ogazi

Here at MH Yoga Hulme Centre
Our aim is to ensure that you Turn Down Stress and Turn Up Strength

We provide a safe, fun and relaxing environment for you, so that you can focus on yourself and your mental health.

Our free 10 week courses are free of charge and designed to improve your physical and mental health.

We want you to feel confident and positive.

Jet Black

Jet Black DA

We use Dances as a tool to empower the Youth.

Jet Black Dance Academy Ethos

JBDA pride themselves on not just being a Dance Academy, but we have a holistic approach with teaching different life skills using dance as a tool to accomplish Self-confidence, Motivational skills, team building, respect for self and others, leadership and organisational skills.

Jet Black Dance Academy Rules

Respect ourselves, other members and dance teachers.

To stay focused and try our best at all times.

Believe in yourself and encourage others.

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