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Pure Professionalism

Patsy McKie


Patsy is the longest serving member of the charity. It was her inspirational story which motivated the charity when it started in August 1999. Patsy’s work was acknowledged with a Manchester Pride Award in 2019. She is still at the forefront of the organisation and has supported many families in her local area. The charity will always be indebted to her valuable contribution in helping to reduce gang, gun, and knife crime in the local area. Patsy was appointed as secretary of the business structure of the charity in 2017.      

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Pauline Sergeant

MAV Chairperson

Pauline is the longest serving chairperson MAV UK have had since it gained charity status in 2010. She joined the team in 2013 and made it her mission to ensure policies and procedures were always a priority. Pauline came to MAV UK with a great understanding of local community engagement. She has previously worked as a school governor, and with AGE UK. Pauline is a counsellor and mentor and supports these services with her skills and knowledge.  She was appointed a director of the business structure of the charity in 2017.      

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Stanimir Kolev


Commercial & Charity

Stanimir is highly creative and innovative professional with graduation in Arts & Economics with proven success in delivering exceptional projects and business strategies, recognise for creative, conceptual, and analytical talents.

Stanimir has been involved in developing projects for MAV since 2016.

His strong professional background in the Social Area and experience in fast-paced business environments contribute positively to the development of MAV UK.

Stanimir developed the new Website, "Project Smiles UK", Our New MAV UK Branding and Slogan.

He is currently collaborating with internal and external members to improve MAVUK Finances, MAVUK Community Hall, and the overall charity prospectus.

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Ian C Swanston

Trustee / Secretary

Ian is the secretary of the charity and leads with funding application submissions for MAV UK projects. He is a qualified counsellor and has a keen interest in therapeutic work which includes trauma-based therapy. Ian has been part of the team since 2005, he has successfully secured funding for all MAV UK services. He is involved with every aspect of the charity; he is the go-to person when it comes to what you need to know about MAV UK. Ian manages the day-to-day functions of the charity and all funding outcomes, which include evidencing.      

Hasaan Amin

Student Volunteer Support 

Engagement Lead

Hasaan is our student volunteering coordinator. He has an interest in social change which often means he is MAV UK link contact with local Members of Parliament and council representatives.  

Hasaan is also the voice of our younger generation, highlighting issues of concern for young people, often from a personal and professional point of reference. Hasaa delivering support for young people aged 21 years and under.

He is currently working on delivering services which will allow MAV UK to increase support for local students at our three main local Universities in Greater Manchester.

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Carl Montlake

BDM – Committee Member

Carl has been with MAV UK since 2011. He has developed one of the charities most successful service provisions. Carl provides support for those who want to turn their life around after a criminal conviction. The Road Map to Business Development Project first received funding support in 2014 from the Allan Lane Foundation. The project went on to support over 40 ex-offenders in the first year. Many of the beneficiaries went on to develop successful business ideas. Carl also led the MAV UK management team in securing the lease for Hulme Hall, now known as MAV Community – Hulme Hall.

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Vida Swanston


Vida is a retired social worker who has volunteered for MAV UK since 2002. She has been the treasurer for the charity since 2006 and serves as a trustee. Vida has provided the charity with advice and support with issues related to supporting parents. She has a keen interest in supporting hard to reach young people. She was one of the first volunteers to start visiting local families after they had lost a loved one because of violent crime.  She has used her personal experience of violent crime to support the people in the community. 


Rose Thompson

Trustee/ Founder 

Rose attended the first meeting held in the community in response to gun and gang crime in 1999, after 3 young men were shot and killed in the same week. She has continued to support the charity since the beginning. She has supported the financial accounting of the charity. In more recent years as MAV UK took on business status, Rose was appointed a director of the business structure of the charity in 2017.       


Barbara Allen-Edwards

Past Trustee

Barbara was a valued member of the management committee and one of our newly appointed trustees. She has supported the Making Children & Young People Matter (MCYPM) Project over the years. She is a key part of our MCYPM annual events, held in the city center of Manchester. Barbara has a keen interest in supporting issues related to domestic abuse and issues which concern women and young people at risk of exploitation. Barbara has served as a trustee for the past few years and been a committed volunteer from 2012 to 2022

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Dr Robert Ralph


Robert started with the charity in a research role. This allowed him to evidence the impact of many of the earlier projects delivered by the charity. He also provides MAV UK with links with our local university. Robert has been a trustee since 2010. He was key in leading the charity in its bid to get charity status. He continues to link the service with relevant research information which supports our ability to obtain the right funding opportunities.         

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